Lawn Maintenance

Lawn MaintenanceFor a superior lawn care service you have come to the right place. Not only will our guarantee impress you but so will our quality job at lawn mowing.

When we mow a lawn, we use a mulching kit on all of our lawn mowers. By using a mulching kit we keep all clippings out of beds, it keeps our workers from painting you fence green, and keeps rocks out of the windows. By mulching the clippings it returns nutrients to the soil and gives your yard a better visual.

After mowing, we use a stick edger and edge the driveway, every sidewalk, patios, and any other areas applicable. We then use a string trimmer (weedeater) to get those hard to reach areas that a lawn mower won’t reach (around houses, trees, mailbox, landscape beds, etc). While edging or weedeating, we use extra caution to not tear up downspouts or cut hoses that may be in the way. After these jobs are complete, we clean up our clippings with a blower. We clean off the driveway, sidewalks, porches, patios, and anything that has dust or clippings on it (cars, AC units, tables, etc.). Before we leave, we make sure everything is complete. We check all your gates to make sure they are latched shut. We make sure there is no trash in the yard. When we leave the job is complete.

We can do weekly or biweekly plans depending on the lawn. A weekly plan is recommended because it will give the lawn a healthier look. When mowing the lawn the rule of thumb is to not cut more than a third off the grass blade. Biweekly mowing will not allow this and will make the lawn look scalped after a cut.

We offer estimates within 24 hours! Please give us a call at 855-557-5296, or by simply filling out our Free Estimate form. We look forward to working with you.