About JL’s Lawn Care

Jordan LeeThanks for stopping by and looking at our website. I am Jordan Lee, the owner and founder of JL’s Lawn Care. At the age of 16 I had a good feeling I wanted to do something in the green industry. Over the years it finally progressed and I have not looked back.

Our services consist of Lawn Maintenance, Fertilization, Weed Control and Mosquito Control. We are one of the only Lawn Care providers in the area to provide a guarantee as we do. Our Guarantee is really simple. We will always take care of our customers and fix any problem they have. Many businesses fail at this simple concept. A service business is built around relationships and they lose sight of this. I will always work to keep this as my number one priority.

We are located in Tanner, AL and service the surrounding cities including Madison, Decatur, and Athens. I appreciate you visiting my website and if you have any questions give us a call.
Sincerely, Jordan Lee